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Fun, Practical and Flexible

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My name is Ming. I am currently studying a double degree in classical piano performance at ANU (Australian National University) and actuarial studies. I am also a successful piano cover artist/arranger on youtube with more than 1960+ subscribers and 300,000+ views (Channel name: Animepianoangel). It is my passion to not only share music through performance in multiple genres: classical, anime, pop music, and Jazz, but also  in teaching the art of piano. I have taught and am teaching in 2 different piano schools and privately with more than 35+ concurrent students just from part time. I have experience in teaching all abilities and ages (Student age range 4-60). Some of my students learn to play their favourite themes from movies, anime and popular music. Other students choose the more traditional AMEB classical exam route with great results including distinction A and above! You can read more about me in the 'About me' page and my teaching style and philosophy below.

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My core teaching philosophy is fun, practical and flexible.


Fun - Apart from the traditional method, I improvise cool piano duets with students after they have learnt their piece on the spot during the lesson. They all enjoying playing duet with me.


Practical - Verbal instruction and feedback are important. However, more crucially, practical demonstration on the piano by me on students' piece or passages allows the students to not only improve their own playing massively but also but also helps to develop their ear skills and a deeper understanding of music which can't be described by words alone. 

Flexible - I believe everyone is different (personality, hand size, finger coordination).  Hence, I have a very flexible and individualised approach.  I adjust my teaching style to each individual student's needs to make the experience both enjoyable and progressive.

Piano learning is a journey. I also work towards a medium term/long term goal with students with a focus of developing good habits and self-learning.

  • Recommended for complete beginner and up & inc AMEB Grade 4 standard

    30 min
  • Recommended for students Grade 5-6 or wants to progress super fast.

    45 min
  • For students with AMEB grade 7+ or for super fast progress.

    1 hr

Owari no seraph ED - my most exciting arrangement

Guilty crown - Euterpe - played live in Animenz' masterclass, biggest Anime youtuber, 1 million+ sub, on youtube.

Re:Zero - Elegy for rem OST - my most emotioanl arrangement



U157, 20 Allara Street, Canberra, ACT, 2601


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